U600 Ultrasonic scaler

U600 Ultrasonic scaler

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SKU: U600
Brand: Woodpecker

U600: Small, powerful, and high-tech ultrasonic scaler. 

  • The U600 is an advanced ultrasonic scaler with a gentle sine wave action to ensure comfortable treatment.  It is controlled with an ultra-sensitive smart touch system that can be used with wet gloves. It features an automatic water supply system and can also use chorohexidine, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hypochlorite solutions.
  • The detachable scaling handpiece is made of high quality aluminum to ensure autoclave sterilisation with no cracking or deformation and features an LED light for better visibility.  The handpiece is perfectly sealed to avoid irritation to soft tissues, and its design is comfortable to hold for extended periods.
  • The U600 is the outcome of decades of study in ultrasonic scaling technology and is the product of three generations of R&D engineers. Its exquisite design and function makes it a smart addition to any dental practice.
  • 18 invention patents, 116 national patents, 28 years of research on ultrasonic scaling
  • High Quality Handpiece
  • Sine-Wave drive avoiding stimulation caused by instantaneous current output; ensuring comfortable treatment.
  • Smart Touch System: ultra-sensitive waterproof design
  • Automatic Water Supply System: Easy to change water, increase work efficiency; Hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and chlorhexidine is avaliable; Clear 50 ml scale mark makes it convenient for formulating liquid.
  • Detachable Handpiece with Light: Better visibility ; Handpiece adopts latest sealing technique;  Patients feel more comfortable while scaling.


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