Semorr 3000D surgical microscope

Semorr 3000D surgical microscope

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The DOM3000 is a top-of-the-line microscope at an entry-level price and opens up new dimensions in dental microscopy with its absolutely crystal clear image and perfect depth of field.


  • 4K Ultra HD (UHD) image recording system, based on Sony’s high-end image sensor
  • Support for displaying images and recording on 4K, 30fps resolutions
  • The maximum static image resolution is 12 million pixels, which is 6 times that of 1080p Full HD system
  • The control of the integrated camera can be made with the mobile phone/tablet app or wireless remote controller, including video recording and setting of individualized parameters
  • The system uses a high-performance TF card for storage
  • The recorded system data can be downloaded wireless to the PC
  • Live streaming support (live broadcast modules needed, not included), ideal for telemedicine and distance teaching
  • 12 months warranty

Microscope System Technical Data:

  • Eyepieces: 12.5X/18B (aperture 18mm)
  • Binoculars: inclination 0 – 210°
  • Adjustable range: 50 – 75mm
  • Diopter range: ±6
  • Magnification: 3.6X – 23X
  • Objective lens: f=200 – 400mm

Illumination System Technical Data:

  • Light source: LED module, variable brightness, over 60000 hours life span
  • Minimum illumination intensity: >80000Lux
  • Diameter of illumination spot: 85mm
  • Filter: orange and green
  • Color temperature: 6500k, close to natural light

Support System Technical Data:

  • Standard base: mobile
  • Swingarm: rotation radius 460mm, rotation 360°
  • Microscope arm: rotation radius 700mm, rotation ±160°, up/down ±315mm
  • Longest arm reach: 1390mm
  • Dimension of base: 516mm x 516mm
  • Weight: 115kg

Technical data:

  • Input Voltage: AC100-24V; 50/60Hz
  • Light source max consumption: 20 VA
  • Total consumption: 70VA
  • Fuse: 220V T1.0AL; 250V/110V T2.0AL 125V
  • Dimensions: 1250mm x 1080mm x 470mm
  • Net weight: 100kg

Imaging System Technical Data:

  • Video resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Frame rate: 30fps @4k
  • Video mode: 720p, 960p, 1080p, 1440p, 2.7K, 4K
  • Resolution of static image: 4000 x 3000 (12MPixel)
  • Output Interface: Standard HDMI 2.0
  • Media storage: TF card (up to 128GB)
  • Control Method: one-key video recording and camera parameter setting for wireless remote control, mobile phone, tablet, computer
  • Settings: White Balance, ISO, Sharpness, Metering Mode, Color Mode, Exposure Gain
  • Optional: Live video broadcast function (additional purchase of live broadcast module)
  • Illumination: LED

Delivery form:

  • 4K Endo 3000D Microscope – 1 microscope + 1 Varioscope 200-400mm + 1 monitor support + 1 monitor + 1 mobile stand


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