Pentax NF2 Surgical Loupes

Pentax NF2 Surgical Loupes

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Category:  Optical
Collections:  Loupes

The PRISMVUE loupes are prismatic loupes incorporating PENTAX's unique deflection prisms and offer the surgeon a bright magnified view of the operation field while maintaining an upright posture and facing forward. It prevents the user from needing to hunching their neck and back forward.

PENTAX's unique and sophisticated design provides a bright and wide field of view. The upright posture facing forward during operation prevents the user's head from interfering with the surgical lights and ensures a bright field of view at all times.

Our loupes allow the user to switch easily between magnified and actual size view by just moving the head and only from the movement of the eyes. This allows stabilisation of the magnified viewing position.

Available in various magnifications with optional RX or plain shield lenses.

  • 2x - 106g
  • 2.5x - 107g
  • 3x - 116g
  • 3.5x - 94g
  • 4x - 95g
  • 5x - 117g

All loupes ordered after August 1, 2021, are shipped with a black, high-strength polymer stay bar instead of the Gen 1 Al stay bar.


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