ClearCorrect Sydney Course

ClearCorrect Sydney Course

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Brand: ClearCorrect
Category:  Education

Held at the Hilton Sydney on 19th June 2021 this one-day workshop is fast-paced, thorough and perfect for anyone who wants to get up to speed. You will be shown through how the ClearCorrect clear aligner system works including case selection, treatment planning, case submission, Impressioning techniques, how to place engagers, tips, tricks & mid-treatment corrections and troubleshooting.

Introduction to ClearCorrect

  • Diagnosis and causes of dental malocclusions
  • Case selection and categorising cases into Simple, Advanced, Complex
  • Review of basic principles of tooth movement
  • How to approach treatment planning
  • Accelerated treatment using AcceleDent
  • Learn the different types of attachments and how the shape impacts the proposed movement
  • Understand different materials that could be used in attachments and benefits of each
  • Indications and contraindications of interproximal reduction (IPR)
  • Understand different instruments that could be used for IPR and benefits of each.
  • Tips, tricks and corrections mid-treatment
  • Post treatment retention protocols

Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask case questions and show study models to the speaker for advice on their first case.


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