Virtuo Vivo Intraoral Scanner

Virtuo Vivo Intraoral Scanner

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Brand: Dental Wings
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Replace unpleasant dental impressions with highly accurate digital data acquired quickly and easily with the remarkably compact and powder-less handpiece. Resembling a standard dental tool, the lightweight handpiece ensures unparalleled patient comfort and allows you to assume a natural position relative to your patient when scanning.

Compatible with ClearCorrect and digital dental labs, the Virtuo Vivo is the perfect addition to every dental clinic – Dental Wings’s self-developed scanning software will integrate rich data processing functions to obtain high-quality digital impressions and its motion-sensing function enables clinicians to perform sterile scanning and scan review.

Virtuo Vivo’s real-time scan, realistic colour, and clear margin line with powder-free scanning guarantee a simplified process and an improved patient experience.

The clinical toolkit allows users to evaluate scanned data in the clinic by performing functions such as adjusting coordinates, extracting margin lines, checking bites and undercuts, etc. These tools facilitate effective, time-saving communication on projects details between clinics and dental labs to ensure high efficiency and quality designs and restorations.


ClearCorrect accepts scans from Virtuo Vivo™

With an attractive price/performance ratio and smart training options, ClearCorrect makes clear aligners attractive to more dentists and patients.

  1. Begin a ClearCorrect case on Virtuo Vivo™.
  2. Enter the patient information following the simple ClearCorrect scanning workflow and export.
  3. Immediately see your pre-populated case on the ClearCorrect portal.
  4. Complete your detailed orthodontic treatment plan (from any device).

Miniature Cameras

Four miniature cameras and one projector in the handpiece tip make it easier to scan teeth and soft tissue from multiple orientations simultaneously, capturing difficult-to-see areas with minimal effort.

Visual & Audible Feedback

A luminescent ring on the handpiece and audible signals indicate when scan data is being successfully captured, so you can keep the focus on your patient rather than on the scanner screen.

Intuitive Scanner Interface

Benefit from the ease of use and flexibility with a linear workflow that provides a logical and simple step-by-step scanning process.

STL File Data Export

Choose the freedom of an open STL or the convenience of DWOS Connect data export to other in-house systems for a complete chairside workflow.

Software Updates

New features and improvements are added frequently and communicated to all users to promote a continued and optimised experience.

Intraoral Scanning System:

  • Powder-free video scanning
  • Realistic colour
  • STL output
  • 15FPS speed
  • Automatic scan retracing
  • 100% compatible with ClearCorrect
  • Compatible with digital dental labs
  • Compatible with Cyberdent dental lab

Delivery form:

  • Virtuo Vivo Intraoral Scanner
  • Two scanner tips
  • Calibrator
  • Medical grade power adapter

Laptop is not included and will be invoiced separately.


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