ClearVue LED conversion kit

ClearVue LED conversion kit

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Brand: AMD
Category:  Surgical lights
Collections:  Upgrades

ClearVue LED bulbs make your dental chairs lighting like new! Designed with cutting-edge LED true color technology ClearVue provides perfect shade matching and reduced eye strain. ClearVue LED come with a 5-year limited warranty that includes a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours or 15 years. ClearVue LED bulbs allow you to efficiently and effectively perform when it matters most.

  • Minimize eye strain/fatigue
  • True color technology
  • Emit 90% less heat than traditional halogen bulbs
  • Cost Saving
  • Easy installation
  • No radiation or hazardous waste materials
  • 5-year limited manufacturers warranty

Which globe will work?

CV-PC is for globes that are tubular have a terminal on each end. (Replaces Pelton & Crane® Dental Light Models: Light Fantastic®, Light Fantastic® II, Light Fantastic®III)

CV-AD is for Adec lights with globes that have two thin pins on the base (Replaces A-dec® Dental Light Models: 500, 6300)

CV-MM is for Midmark lights with globes that have two fat pins on the base (Replaces Midmark® Dental Light Models: 153585, 153771, 153673, 153818, 153914, 153772, 153773, 153829, 153830, 153637, 1536638, 153639) 

Sirona globes are coming soon! 

If you're unsure which globe to select, email a clear photograph of the globe and its fixture (you'll need to remove the globe so that we can see the globes pins) to


Is the light as hot as halogen?

Halogen lamps are notorious for the amount of heat they generate. LED bulbs in general don't produce anywhere near the amount of heat as halogens, but they still produce some heat. The ClearVue will get hot after running for long periods. Before touching the light or removing the ClearVue bulb, please allow at least 5 minutes for the bulb to cool.


Is the light as bright as halogen?

Yes, both halogen bulbs and ClearVue LED bulbs emit 25,000 Lux. They are a direct comparison in brightness. LEDs however provide better color accuracy for a crisp and clear view.


Shouldn't I just buy a new LED fixture?

No, ClearVue bulbs have been engineered to convert and emit light that is the same as if you purchased a new LED fixture.


How long will it last?

ClearVue has a lifespan of up to 15 years.


Will the light degrade over time?

No, ClearVue LEDs emit the same light on day 6000 as it does on day 1.


The focus spot size seems different.

Most fixtures have a focusing knob on the back of the reflector. Turning this knob will position the ClearVue differently within the reflector and change the dimensions of the light spot. Aim the light at the wall, and make adjustments to the focusing knob until the spot size is how you like it.


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