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Brand: Meyer
Category:  CBCT & X-RAY

We are excited to introduce our cutting-edge 3D Pro CBCT scanner, which is designed to collect oral data in a single scan and provide high-resolution images for accurate clinical diagnosis. The resulting 3D images and analytical data are essential for dental fillings, endodontics, oral surgery, implantation, and orthodontics.

Our advanced algorithms integrate with advanced hardware technology to achieve higher quality, closer-to-reality images, providing dentists with more accurate clinical information for diagnosis. The patented hybrid pulsed X-ray source technology enables lower-dose radiation while allowing accurate diagnosis with high-definition images. The X-ray dose can be adjusted according to the patient's age and physique to minimize radiation exposure.

The 3D Pro scanner overturns traditional iterative reconstruction algorithms with its advanced image reconstruction technology, which dramatically enhances computing capacity. The instantly reconstructed mass images have also significantly saved waiting time.

Our advanced TS technology generates high-definition panoramic images with a significantly improved image formation rate, substantially enhancing clinical details' clarity and accuracy, effectively removing artifacts of high-density-producing substances, and providing structurally precise images. There is no scattered radiation visible in these images.

The 3D Pro scanner comes with powerful diagnostic software, Meyer's MyDent Viewer 3D diagnostic software, which implements advanced software engineering through modular design. The functional modules include multiplanar reconstruction, curved surface reconstruction, implant simulation, TMJ modelling, and 3D orthodontic simulation. Functions associated with various modules also include 3D panoramic view, 3D positioning, automatic neural tube labeling, automatic bone density measurements, automatic TMJ positioning, automatic cephalogram reconstruction, and 3D airway analysis.

The CBCT function provides a clear 3D anatomical display of the maxillofacial area and is generally applied in various dental practices. Accurate 3D images are generated by intelligent imaging technology, providing observation from any angle of view, accurate distance measurement, surface area, volume, and contour outline.

The PANO function allows for optimised tomographic motion and structural rotation, allowing for confident diagnosis of both the mandible and maxilla areas.

The CEPH function provides dual-level alignment of a single X-ray source to produce HD cephalometric images with low-dose radiation.

Under the partial CT mode, the PARTIAL CT function can generate images with a voxel as small as 40-80μm while reducing the DAP by 40%, which leads to lower radiation doses.

Lastly, the MODEL SCANNING function allows you to simply place the plaster cast or mold in the scanning area to scan. The data will be transferred to the software for subsequent design and clinical application.

The 3D Pro also offers a dedicated lateral ceph sensor, allowing quick and accurate diagnosis and reducing radiation exposure.

Available in three FOVs with and without the dedicated lateral ceph arm, our 3D Pro CBCT scanner offers exceptional imaging quality, advanced diagnostic software, and a variety of functions to enhance your clinical practice. 


  • 5-in-1 including CBCT, Pano, Ceph, Part CT and Model Scanning
  • Robust processing algorithms to generate high image quality and accuracy
  • Fast & precise with minimum-dose scanning.
  • Instant 3D image reconstruction post scanning through the new generation imaging technology
  • Touchscreen for convenient operation
  • Three-point patient positioning for stability and simplicity
  • Data Field of View FOV  - WISE 120x100mm - HONOUR 150x105mm - DREAM 170x110mm

Scanner specifications

  • Function(s) : CBCT+Pano+Ceph or CBCT+Pano
  • Tube: D-054SB
  • Tube focus: 500µm2
  • Tube voltage: 60~90kV
  • Tube current: 2~10mA
  • Total filtration: 5.7mmAL (CT), 2.7mmAL (other functions)
  • Exposure: CT: 20secs (8.7secs effective irradiation for hybrid pulsed X-ray technology) Pano: 17secs
  • Floor loading: 300kg/m2

PC will be equipped with the following requirements

  • 11G i7-11800H 4.6GHz Intel processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB GDDR6
  • 16GB DDR4 3.2GHz ram
  • 1TB SSD
  • Windows 11

Q: What is AI-enabled processing? 
A: AI-enabled processing technology utilises advanced algorithms to detect and eliminate image artifacts and noise. This results in images of exceptional clarity and detail.

Q: What is the maximum field of view of the CBCT 3D Pro? 
A: The CBCT 3D Pro has a maximum field of view of 10 x 17 cm, making it suitable for a wide range of dental imaging applications.

Q: What is the warranty for the CBCT 3D Pro? 
A: The CBCT 3D Pro has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty (with 3-year key parts)

What's included

Our scanner bundle includes everything you need to get started including:

  • CBCT with FOV of your choice (and optional Ceph sensor)
  • PC
  • All required cabling and accessories
  • Safety signage
  • Pendant control

What's not included

  • Provision of electrical services e.g. power point installation/ relocation etc.
  • Construction of radiation barrier


Name SKU Price Stock Quantity
Pro3D 120x100mm WISE CBCT CBCT-3DPRO-W $67,750.00 Instock
Pro3D 120x100mm WISE CBCT W/LatCeph CBCT-3DPRO-WLC $77,500.00 Instock
Pro3D 150x105mm HONOR CBCT CBCT-3DPRO-H $72,750.00 Instock
Pro3D 150x105mm HONOR CBCT W/LatCeph CBCT-3DPRO-HLC $82,750.00 Instock
Pro3D 170x110mm DREAM CBCT CBCT-3DPRO-D $82,750.00 Instock
Pro3D 170x110mm DREAM CBCT W/LatCeph CBCT-3DPRO-DLC $92,750.00 Instock
Installation INST $5,000.00 Instock


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