CWM-400 wet milling machine

CWM-400 wet milling machine

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SKU: CWM-400
Brand: Aidite
Category:  Milling machines

The CWM-400 wet milling machine allows you to process dental materials including Titanium abutments, PMMA, glass ceramics like IPS e.max, and Composite restoration materials.

  • Size: 430 * 545 * 617 mm
  • Frame: Monobloc casting 2024-T3 Al
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Tools: 24
  • Fixture(s): Block + Abutments
  • Materials: Pre-milled abutments + Ceramic blocks + Composite blocks
  • CAM: Hyperdent, MillBox, etc.
  • Spindle: 500w 60krpm air-cooled
  • Axis Motors: Stepper motor(s)
  • Axis Gearbox: Harmonic
  • Vertical Milling: NO
  • Calibration: MANUAL
  • Tool Management: YES
  • Status Indicator: YES
  • Door Lock: YES
  • Maintenance Reminder: YES
  • Swarf Suppression: MILLING FLUID


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