Aligner seaters (mint scented)

Aligner seaters (mint scented)

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Brand: Osseo Group
Collections:  Auxiliaries

Aligner Seaters or chewies come packaged as 1 set (containing 2 chewies) inside a plastic storage case.

Get the most out of your patient's orthodontic treatment with the help of our Medical Grade Flavourless Aligner Seaters. Our signature Aligner Chewies will help you seat your aligner trays properly, ensuring your orthodontic treatment is most effective.

Aligner Seaters aid in the process of changing aligner trays throughout your treatment, minimising any air gaps between your teeth and the aligners, making sure they fit properly and your patient's teeth begin to move correctly, as you intended.

Aligner Seaters effectively increase blood flow to and around the PDL, helping to reduce the pain experienced when changing clear aligners and increase the production of chemical messengers to accelerate the production of osteoclasts and osteoblasts.

Our Aligner Seaters are made with medical-grade silicone that is seamless, soft, and durable for long-lasting use. These revolutionary Aligner Seaters are soft enough to bite comfortably but firm enough to seat your aligner trays effectively. They are reusable and can last for weeks.


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