AMD Laser calibration service

AMD Laser calibration service

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Brand: Osseo Group
Collections:  Calibration

The Clario, Picasso Plus, and Picasso Lite Plus Dental Laser units are factory calibrated upon sale.  For accurate treatment results, the unit(s) should be calibrated every 12 months following the date of purchase. The calibration procedure requires specialised equipment and technical expertise. Improper calibration could lead to instrument damage and failure to calibrate the laser.

What's included in the price:

  • Pickup of ONE laser unit.
  • Calibration of ONE laser unit.
  • Cleaning of ONE laser unit.
  • Return shipping of ONE laser unit.

If you need more than one laser unit calibrated, please select the correct quantity.

The limited warranty does not cover any fees or costs arising from the annual calibration of the unit.

The calibration fee does not cover any fees or costs arising from repairs required as part of the unit passing calibration. You will be invoiced separately for these costs and the unit will be shipped once all fees are paid in full.

This item is a special department service and may take up to 2 weeks from the time of pickup to completion of work(s) and delivery. Work(s) will be completed on a FIFO basis and will not be expedited.


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