Sheer White! In-office whitening strips (2 patient pack)

Sheer White! In-office whitening strips (2 patient pack)

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Brand: AMD
Category:  Whitening
Collections:  In-office Whitening strips

What's in the box:

  • 6 strips - 3 strips to be used on the upper arch and 3 strips to be used on the lower arch of 3 patients.

Sheer White! – Professional Whitening, Easily Applied!

Sheer White! Films are the most significant advancement in teeth whitening in nearly a decade! Fast and effective whitening that everyone will love. Hydrogen peroxide gel that remains active for as long as 6 hours for longer wear and faster whitening.

The strips require no soft tissue retraction or isolation. The strips take 1 minute of chair time to apply to the patient. The patient can then leave, wearing the strips for 30 minutes. We also offers a Sheer White! Take Home whitening strip kit that can be used by the patient at home to enhance their in-office whitening treatment.

Sheer White! features 20% Hydrogen Peroxide gel – the standard in whitening material. The film seals tightly to teeth and gums to keep the gel pressed against the teeth. Wear for an hour or overnight; the longer wear time means faster whitening. Whitening results are similar to that with whitening trays – except NO trays are required. The more whitening you need the more wear time is recommended. You will prefer Sheer White! over trays and strips.


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