NVPRO3 MicroLaser tips

NVPRO3 MicroLaser tips

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Brand: DenMat
Category:  Lasers
Collections:  Consumables

Pre-stipped and cleaved disposable fibre tips for the DenMat NVPRO range of lasers.

  • 5mm disposable tips are specially designed for the digital dentist and surgeon. Its curved, short optical fibre is perfect for pre-scan soft tissue management, photo-therapy of many oral legions such as herpes and oral surgery due to its short, rigid optical fibre.
  • 7mm disposable tips are specially designed for the digital dentist working to manage tissues pre-scan, distal of the first molar, and its longer optical fibre makes the 7mm disposable tip perfect for periodontal treatments.
  • Shipped in a single box of 25x disposable tips.


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