Perfect-A-Smile (pontic paint - All 3 shades)

Perfect-A-Smile (pontic paint - All 3 shades)

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Brand: Reliance Orthodontics
Collections:  Auxiliaries

Perfect-a-Smile can be painted on any aligner material to mask a space or missing tooth.  Perfect A Smile bonds directly to the clear plastic thermoplastic aligner - no conditioner or plastic preparation is needed.

  • 3x4g screw lid jars
  • 27-40 pontics
  • Includes B1, A2 & A3 shades

How to use?

  • To ensure uniformity due to settlement of the product, mix the pontic paint with a spatula until uniform.
  • Apply 3-4 coats of the pontic paint with a bristle brush, stroking over each coat several times and light curing for 10 seconds at close range with an LED light after each coat.
  • After final coat is applied and light cured, perform a final light cure through the aligner for 20 seconds from the labial and lingual surfaces.


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