LUMINDEX 5 LED headlamp system

LUMINDEX 5 LED headlamp system

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The lightweight Lumindex 5 LED Headlight produces a large, crisp, uniform light spot for outstanding work area visibility. Precision multi-lens optical system coupled with coaxial design provides the ultimate in clear, shadow-free illumination. Includes universal spring clip that attaches to most eyewear as well as a loupe/camera mount. Articulated support arm lets you position the light exactly where needed for optimum performance.

LED features

  • 5700k LED
  • 9.8 grams
  • Uniform beam
  • 30,000 LUX
  • Composite filter

Battery features

  • 175 grams
  • 10 hours run time
  • 3760mAh
  • QI induction charging compatible with all QI mobile charging pads
  • Adjustable brightness
  • App for a smartphone to monitor battery charging


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