AMD Laser tips

AMD Laser tips

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Brand: AMD
Category:  Lasers
Collections:  Consumables

Disposable tips are the easiest and fastest way to switch between patients and procedures. All AMD disposable laser tips come ready to slip on to your Multi-Tip Handpiece. No more changing spools between procedures causing unnecessary chair time.

  • 20 X 200µm 60° 20mm is ideal for Endo and hard to reach spaces.
  • 25 X 300µm 60° 5mm is great for easy to reach tissue ablation.
  • 25 X 300µm 60° 10mm works well for harder to reach tissue ablation.
  • 25 X 400µm 60° 5mm the preferred choice of tip for most procedures.
  • 25 X 400µm 60° 10mm is AMD's most popular tip for its versatility.
  • Tip 25 is a variety pack for many different procedures and uses.

Q Do I need to cleve the tips before using? 

A No, the tips are ready to use. You will need to activate the tips for cutting as normal.


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