Picasso Lite + AMD Laser

Picasso Lite + AMD Laser

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Brand: AMD
Collections:  Lasers 3 Watts

Are you in the market for a soft-tissue diode laser?

AMD Picasso Lite+ is Australia's most affordable diode laser system.

Picasso Lite + is designed for the first-time laser dentist. Its affordable price point, ease of use, and sleek design make it the perfect replacement for a scalpel and electro-surge for the use of treating soft-tissue. 

Picasso Lite + cuts and coagulates tissue with reduced trauma, bleeding, and necrosis of tissue and is used for soft-tissue surgical procedures. 

Picasso Lite + offers 3 watts of power and four customisable presets. Picasso Lite Plus comes complete with multiple accessories, world power adapter, wireless foot control, disposable tip system, and a two-year warranty.

Includes 25 assorted tips in various widths and lengths.

The Picasso Lite+ includes:

  • 3 Watt laser unit
  • Wireless Foot Control
  • Multi-Tip Handpiece
  • 3 pairs of AMD safety glasses.
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Owner's Manual

Q: What is the AMD Picasso Lite+ soft tissue diode laser used for? 
A: The AMD Picasso Lite+ soft tissue diode laser is used for soft tissue procedures, including gingivectomy, frenectomy, and crown lengthening.

Q: What is the wavelength of the device? 
A: The device features a wavelength of 810 nm, which is ideal for soft tissue procedures.

Q: What is the power output of the device? 
A: The device features a power output of 3W, ensuring fast and efficient tissue cutting.

Q: Is the device lightweight and easy to handle? 
A: Yes, the device weighs only 2.5 kg and is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable.


Name SKU Price Stock Quantity
Picasso Lite + AMD Laser AMDLITE PLPLUS $6,495.00 Instock
Extended warranty (2 years total) AMDLITE PLPLUS EW $500.00 Instock


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